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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Gift from Your Favorite Herbs and Spices Store

herbs and spices storeThe grass is green, the flowers are blooming, and love abounds. Ahhhhh…it’s springtime, and that also means that it’s wedding season. Your friends at Old Town Spice Shop, your favorite local herbs and spices store, want to make sure that you’re wedding season-primed with not only the best wedding gift ideas around, but also the most unique ideas that your smitten loved ones will treasure for a long time.

So what exactly would we recommend gifting to the lovebirds in your life this beautiful wedding season? Well, we’re glad you asked. Here are our recommendations:

Tea or Coffee – What better way to relax after the big day or to ease back into reality after that amazing 7-day honeymoon than with a steamy and delectable cup of tea? At Old Town Spice Shop, your local Fort Collins herbs and spices store, we are proud to offer a wide selection of tea, including a number of herbal teas, green teas, and a fantastic selection of black teas. Or if you prefer something with a bit more punch to it, you may also want to check out our Hopped Up Coffee. A single-origin coffee blended with hops and malted barley to add the texture and sweetness of various beer styles, this is a winner for any beer lover on your list.

Spice Blends – Now that the honeymoon is over, what better way for the newly married to show their love than by cooking up a storm for their beloved? The way to anybody’s heart is through their stomach, and the tastiest meals all begin with the tastiest ingredients. At Old Town Spice Shop, we believe that one of the most fun things about our herbs and spices storeand our spicesis blending them together to make new and delicious flavor combinations. Instantly, you get an endless amount of possibilities like Italian seasoning, pho spice blends, and Cajun spices. There are different blends for every type of cuisine. We offer everything from popcorn seasonings and dip mixes for your next get-together, to curries and other international blends to bring flavors from around the world to your table. Because most blends are just a mix of spices and herbs, we do our best to create our blends right in the store, making them as fresh as possible. There are numerous exclusive blends that you will find only at Old Town Spice Shop.

Gift Cards – Planning a wedding, getting married, and movingthese are all major life transitions, and oftentimes the last thing that’s on somebody’s mind in the midst of planning for such events is the contents of their kitchen or their spice cabinet. This is precisely why a gift card to Old Town Spice Shop may be the most perfect gift you could give as a wedding gift. A gift card is not only an excellent way to help the happy couple round out their spice cupboard, but it will also help them to achieve tasty sustenance once they can actually sit down for a second.

Gift Boxes –  If the happy couple already seems to have it all, here’s one thing that they probably don’t and would likely love to have: a gift box from Old Town Spice Shop! Our herbs and spices, blends and seasonings, loose leaf teas, extracts, sugars, and gourmet salts make the perfect gift for any occasion. This is why we’ve put together some great combinations to suit any palate and cooking ability. As a wedding present, we highly recommend either the Spice Cupboard in a Box or Movie Night Gift Set.

There you have it, a delicious rundown of our wedding gift recommendations this wedding season. Or if you’d rather peruse in person to see if you can find that perfect gift, come on down to Old Town Spice Shop, a local, independent Fort Collins Spice Shop at 130A S. College in Old Town Fort Collins, to check out our selection of spices, blends and seasonings, salts, sugars, and so much more!

A Lovely Easter Salmon: Spice for Salmon

spice for salmonThere’s nothing we love more than a delicious holiday meal shared with our loved ones. Luckily, we’ve got Easter Sunday dinner on the horizon, which has got us thinkingwhat’s our favorite Easter dinner meal? Well, aside from the more traditional options like ham, lamb, or roasted chicken, we highly recommend a lovely Easter Sunday salmon!

We believe that nothing says spring, or Easter Sunday, quite like an easy glazed salmon served with a side of springy veggies like asparagus or roasted baby carrots. Your friends and family will be drooling as soon as you pull your perfectly prepared salmon out of the oven and the tantalizing smells waft into the air.

So what spice for salmon is best? When it comes to seasoning your salmon, our go-to Old Town Spice Shop spice blends are our Mango Chipotle and Red Mountain Blend. Our Mango Chipotle is a sweet, citrusy, and spicy rub that seals in the heat, creating a perfect and delectable glaze. Or you may want to try our Red Mountain Blend. This sweet chili-flavored blend playfully balances paprika and sumac, creating a unique smokey flavor. You can also add it to chicken, pork, or beef to create an array of tantalizing meat dishes.

We also tend to think that when feeding a crowd, the best way to prepare salmon is to bake it in the oven. It’s one of the most simple and lovely cuts of fish that you’ll ever see, therefore, we enjoy baking it in one huge chunk and pulling it out of the oven in all of its pink, glorious splendor. According to, it’s still best to buy a fillet, just don’t worry about slicing it. They also suggest aiming for about a half pound per person, keeping in mind that salmon can be quite filling. And keep in mind that the size of the fillet will affect the baking time. For a three-pound fillet, it usually takes around 25 minutes.

You’ll want to cook your salmon at 350 degrees. Line a large rimmed baking sheet with foil and grease with cooking spray. You may also want to add lemon slices in an even layer along the foil and then place your seasoned salmon on top. Add your delicious spice for salmon, bake until the salmon is cooked through, and don’t forget to garnish with parsley!

Mmmmmm…there you have it, the perfect and somewhat unexpected delicious Easter Sunday dinner. The perfect way to cap off a lovely day of Easter egg hunts and other such Eastery shenanigans. And don’t forget, if you’re on the lookout for more tasty holiday meal seasoning ideas, or any-time-of-the-year seasoning ideas, check out the Old Town Spice Shop website or come say hi to us at the shop. We’re your local spice shop and blend and seasoning experts.


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Himalayan Pink Salt

If you haven’t heard of Himalayan Pink Salt in all of its trendy, healthy, and magical glory, then let us introduce you. Himalayan Pink Salt is a type of rock salt from the Punjab region of Pakistan, near the foothills of the Himalayas. It has been described as one of the purest salts on Earth, with countless health benefits. But are all of these claims true? Let’s find out.  

According to Reader’s Digest, “Himalayan Pink Salt is the leftover deposits from a salty ocean during the pre-Cambrian age (around four billion years ago.) and contains over 80 minerals and trace elements — some of which give it it’s characteristic pink color.” It is debated, however, whether these additional trace elements and minerals are better for us to consume than mere sodium chloride, or table salt. Many believe that these trace elements also contribute to a myriad of health benefits, such as easing breathing difficulties, aiding vascular health, helping digestive disorders, improving nutrient absorption, and balancing the body’s pH levels.

“Many people are thinking it’s like taking a salt multivitamin,” says registered dietician Kelsey Mangano, PhD, RD, an assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, “but it actually couldn’t be further from the truth. People need to understand that the number of trace minerals that are essential for health is actually really small. We only need around eight trace minerals to prevent any types of deficiency symptom.”

So, aside from it’s exotic-looking pink hue and slightly different taste from table salt, it appears that there is really no scientific evidence showing that Himalayan Pink Salt provides more health benefits or magical properties than regular table salt. But it’s still awfully tasty! And it can be used in creative and interesting ways to cook, season meals, and preserve food. And Dr. Mangano does say, “I would advise people to consume the salt that they find is the most flavorful and makes their food the most exciting.”

Done. Himalayan Pink Salt it is.

So, it might not be all it’s cracked up to be, but it’s still mighty tasty, especially our very own Old Town Spice Shop fine Himalayan Pink Salt and coarse Himalayan Pink Salt. We also found this useful guide via Snapguide for recipes that feature Himalayan Pink Saltanything from ribeye steak to cranberry-rose sauce to peach pie to almond milk.

We always recommend trying something new, especially when it comes to standard ingredients such as table salt. Mix it up and enjoy the adventure. If you would like to learn about other tasty spices that you’re likely not using but should be, swing on by our herbs and spices store located in Fort Collins, CO, or check out our online spice store for more delicious suggestions. Cooking is an adventure, so take the opportunity to smell, taste, ask questions, and go on this adventure with us. You’ll be glad you did!

The Food of Love: Italian Herbs and Spices

Italian Herbs and Spices“Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
It’s almost Valentine’s Day,
And we have just the Italian Herbs and Spices for you!”

So, just in case you live under a rock, Valentine’s Day is February 14, and if you don’t already have ideas brewing for how to express love for the special people in your life, we have a suggestion. How about a lovely homemade Italian meal? Okay, so before you start overthinking this, let us assuage your fears. Making a romantic dinner is a heartfelt way to say “I love you” without resorting to the overplayed flowers, candies, and gifts.

For centuries, food has played a very important role in love and relationships, especially Italian food. A number of the ingredients found in traditional Italian dishes are considered aphrodisiacs — foods that are said to have qualities that promote feelings of love and desire. According to Italian Food Forever, these “Foods of Love” include garlic, endive, fennel, cloves, tomatoes, nutmeg, chocolate, and more. We don’t know about you, but these sound like the perfect makings for a scrumptious Italian meal.

So, what better way to set the mood this Valentine’s Day than by preparing a tasty and romantic Italian meal with the help of your friends at Old Town Spice Shop and our fresh and delicious Italian Herbs and Spices? Some of our best-selling Italian Herbs and Spices are our dip mixes. Easier than making an entire meal from scratch, you can create a simple spin on an Italian picnic. Sprinkle on a plate, add olive oil, and bon appetit! Or you can make a flavorful pasta by adding some oil or butter and sprinkle our mixes directly into the pasta. Add your favorite protein and, voila, you have a full meal. Way to go!

“Some of the best Italian food in the world is simple,” explains Old Town Spice Shop owner Sean Godbey. “I find that most people overthink everything that goes into Italian food. You don’t have to slave in the kitchen for hours on end to make the perfect sauce. You can easily make a pasta with vegetables you already have laying around the kitchen. Just cook them up in butter or olive oil, and season with garlic, Greek oregano, sweet basil, a nice flaked salt, and for a touch of heat, our Calabrian chiles. Add a touch of acid, like lemon juice, and your family will love it! Buona mangiata!”

For more tasty ideas, make sure to swing by Old Town Spice Shop, your friendly local spice shop, and peruse our shelves for spices, spice blends, salts, and anything else you’ll need to create the culinary masterpiece that you’ve been dreaming about — Italian or not. Or visit us online at Because after all, “il cibo é l’essenza della vita” — food is the essence of life!

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Bacon Salt

What’s the next best thing for bacon lovers aside from wrapping all of your food in strips of delicious, thick-cut bacon? Well, our Old Town Spice Shop Bacon Salt, of course! If you love the taste of bacon in all of its salty and porky glory, we totally understand. That’s why our specialty bacon salt is one of our bestsellers. We can help you make ALL THE THINGS taste like bacon without the added fat of actual bacon. See, it’s a win-win.

Our vegetarian-friendly and kosher certified Bacon Salt is a salt for both bacon lovers and those just looking for that new unique flavor to add to your standard dishes. This salt captures that sweet, smoky bacon flavor and adds just a pinch of heat at the end. You can use our Bacon Salt to flavor otherwise sad, baconless dishes like eggs, french fries, chips, or salads. Or you can try it when creating any of these dishes below that are simply crying out to have our Bacon Salt added to them.

Baked Potatoes – Nothing adds a mouth-watering pop of flavor to your standard baked potato the way that Bacon Salt does. Sprinkle it over the top of your potato and let our salt take care of the rest.

Hamburgers – When mixing up your next batch of hamburger meat, toss in some Bacon Salt and watch your standard burger transform into a gourmet grilling dreamboat.

Tofu – Okay, just go with us here…cut up strips of tofu, sprinkle on the Bacon Salt, and saute to create a tasty new twist on tofu. You’re welcome.

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches – Grilled cheese sandwiches are basically prime for adding any sort of additional and unique flavor. Bacon Salt and grilled cheese sandwiches are a match made in epicurean heaven.

Salad Dressings and Marinades – Toss a bit of our tasty Bacon Salt in your next vinaigrette or marinade and up the ante of your next meal.

These are just a few ideas when it comes to incorporating more bacon-y goodness into your life. Just make sure to create these bacon delicacies using our tasty and tempting Old Town Spice Shop Bacon Salt. And sprinkle any of the other delicious salts from your favorite local spice shop on your favorite dishes and see how fresh, quality flavor can transform your life. Visit our online spice store or come on down to the shop to discover even more seasonally inspired spices, blends, sauces, and so much more. Your palate will thank you!

Stocking Stuffers: Ideas From Your Local Herb and Spice Shop

Herb and Spice ShopCan you believe that Christmas is next week? If that fills you with a slight sense of dread, rather than jubilation, you might still be working through your holiday gift list. It’s okay. We totally get it. Here at Old Town Spice Shop, your local herb and spice shop, we understand that there’s a lot to do during the holiday season and gift-buying is just one of many tasks.

We also know what’s likely at the very bottom of your gift list: stocking stuffers. The “Oh, I’ll just grab those while I’m out” mentality often results in stocking stuffers being a last-minute scramble. We can help. We have the best, most unique, tasty, and aromatic stocking stuffers that you could ever desire. Check it out:

Blends and Seasonings

One of the most fun things about our spices is blending them together to make new and delicious flavor combinations. There are different blends for every type of cuisine—from Italian, to pho, to cajun, to popcorn seasonings and dip mixes. We do our best to create our blends right in the store, making them as fresh as possible. And our blends and seasonings all come in cute bags or bottles – perfect for stocking stuffers!  

Brewhouse Sauces

We’re not your typical herb and spice shop. We offer an array of hot sauces, mustards, and easy-to-make marinades and dressings for sale online and in our spice store in Fort Collins, CO. Some of our favorites include our Brewhouse Sauces. These are unique hot sauces, mustards, and BBQ sauces, like Jack Slade’s Revenge, crafted using bock from Gilded Goat Brewing, a recent gold medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival, or our unique Noco Beer Jelly, which makes the perfect beer lover’s gift. Any of our tasty sauces would make a delicious and lovely addition to your pile of stocking stuffers.

Hopped Up Coffee

We love a steaming hot cup of coffee here at Old Town Spice Shop; that and a tasty local brew, so we decided to combine the two! Our unique line of Hopped Up Coffee is a single-origin coffee, blended with Cascade hops and various malted barleys to add the texture and sweetness of different beer styles. A bag of Hopped Up Coffee is the perfect stocking stuffer! Not only is the bag the perfect size, but you can pull it out, open it up, and enjoy a hot cup of joe while you finish opening presents. Now that sounds like a win-win to us.

These are just a few stocking stuffer ideas. If you’d like some more ideas, a bit of holiday inspiration, or to browse our selection of spices, blends and seasonings, and so much more, swing by our local herb and spice shop, located at 130A S. College in Old Town Fort Collins, or check us out online at

Holiday Shopping Guide: Herbs and Spices and Everything Nice

herbs and spicesWith the holidays quickly approaching, you’re probably currently working through your holiday shopping list and checking it twice. In this case, we recommend herbs and spices and everything nice for your loved ones this year. When it comes to the most special people in your life, there’s nothing more satisfying than giving the perfect gift—something useful, fun, and a little unexpected. That’s exactly what we’ve got for you here at Old Town Spice Shop, your favorite local spice shop.

Here is a holiday gift guide with fun gift suggestions created for those dearest to you, who are often the hardest to shop for—Mom and Dad, or your mom and dad equivalent. It seems like they already have just about everything they need, and when asked what they want, you can’t seem to nail down a decisive answer. Well, wonder no more.


When it comes to holiday shopping for Mom, a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year is of the utmost importance. After all, she’s quite down to earth and likely already has a plethora of old holiday gifts that are just taking up space and attracting dust at this point in time. There’s nothing Mom will love more than being fully stocked with all the necessary cooking and baking essentials she’ll need for whipping up all of the culinary delights that her heart desires throughout the New Year. Consider gifting her fresh, quality extracts and sugars, herbs and spices, and blends and seasonings. We also carry a lovely array of teas, from fruit tea to chai to oolong, and our favorite, Winter Blend Tea. She’ll be set and ready to rock it in the kitchen in 2019, thanks to you…*insert big, wet, appreciative kiss.


We get it. It’s a fact. Holiday shopping for Dad can be a challenge. If you’re struggling with holiday gift ideas for dear old Dad, have no fear; we’ve got it covered. Here’s a few for starters: grilling spices (you might want to check out our Grill Master Gift Box, which comes complete with an array of tasty dry rubs and marinades); our line of Brewhouse Sauces, including our unique hot sauce, mustard, BBQ sauces or NoCo Beer Jelly; and you may also want to check out our lineup of spicy peppers and chilis to help spice up his holidays, or one of our tasty smoked salts!

These are just a few culinary-themed ideas to grease your wheels and give you a bit of inspiration. Herbs and spices and everything nice is one way to let Mom and Dad—or anybody else on your list—know that you’re thinking about them and want to gift them something unique, useful, tasty, and fun. Swing by the shop and let us help you pick out the perfect holiday gift for anybody on your list, or visit us online at

Small Business Saturday Snapshot: Old Town Spice Shop, Your Local Spice Shop

local spice shopAromatic smells and contented smiles have been rolling out of Old Town Spice Shop, your local spice shop, since 2010. In fact, December 3, 2010, is when the shop first opened its doors in its previous location at 220 Linden Street. Since that time, there has been a move to our current location at 130A S. College Ave., right in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins. There has also been no shortage of tasty morsels, savvy spice know-how, and delicious creations as a result of the freshness and quality of the spices, blends, seasonings, and other products available at our shop.

One thing that sets us apart is that we’re an independently owned Fort Collins spice shop. It was opened by the Godbey Family because of their love for the community, for Colorado, and for fresh and tasty spices. And now with Small Business Saturday Fort Collins just around the corner on Saturday, November 24, we’d like to take a moment and sit down with owner and manager Sean Godbey to chat about all things Old Town Spice Shop.

Q: Your family moved to Colorado in 1985. Where is your family originally from?

SG: Phoenix, AZ. I moved here when I was 1.

Q: What brought the family out to Colorado?

SG: My parents wanted a good place for us to grow up in a smaller city. CSU was an attraction as well.

Q: How are your spices tailored to the Colorado way of life?

SG: We do our best to tailor what we make to how people cook in Colorado. A lot of people like to cook from the land, so spices that are great with vegetables. Also, spices that help highlight the agricultural background of the area, so making sure we have great rubs for everything you would do with meat. People also like things spicy. So we make sure we can bring the heat when people want it!

Q: Have you always been interested in spices?

SG: I have always loved spices, but when we started this business we had a huge learning curve. I learned a lot about spices in the first year we opened. I still learn new things every day and I love it!

Q: Are you a good cook?

SG: I like to think I am. But like anyone, I have my areas I am most comfortable in. The one area that I need the most help with is baking. Luckily, my wife is a great baker, so I don’t have to be 🙂

Q: What is your favorite thing/dish to cook?

SG: My go-to favorite meal to cook and eat is hot wings. However, I love to cook a new recipe, and then change the recipe the next time I make it to make it better. Even after 15 years of trying to master hot wings, I still change the recipe every once in a while.

Q: What is your favorite spice aroma?

SG: Aroma is a funny thing. It stimulates the brain in a way that it can immediately take you back in time. For me, cardamom is one of my favorites. It reminds me of taking trips to the Middle East, sitting in coffee houses drinking Turkish Coffee. Prior to opening Old Town Spice Shop, I worked for a church here in Fort Collins. I had good friends that lived there, and I would go visit them on mission trips.

Q: Do you have an all-time favorite spice?

SG: No, there are too many fun spices in the world. I have my go-to spices for different things, but really most of the time I like trying new things.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of owning Old Town Spice Shop?

SG: Sharing fun new things. We get to work with customers every day wanting to make their life better through flavor. We get to help them figure out what to use to make that happen.

Q: What is it like being a small business owner in Fort Collins?

SG: Great! The community of small business owners downtown is amazing. Owning and managing a small business can be daunting at times. What is great is that there is always someone else that has gone through something similar who is willing to give you ideas on how to make it better.

Q: Where do you see OTSS in the next five years? Ten years?

SG: Our store isn’t going anywhere. We are lucky enough to have great relationships with numerous businesses throughout our community. I hope that in five to ten years we will be able to grow those relationships to continue to make Fort Collins better.

Q: What are your favorite customer interactions?

SG: When I work the store, I love seeing customers that have come in for years. I also love when new customers come in and are overwhelmed with options or get super excited about all the things they want to cook.

This is just a small snippet into the heart and soul of your local spice shop, Old Town Spice Shop. With the holidays rapidly approaching, now is the most important time of the year to head to Downtown Fort Collins and support local businesses, like us, Old Town Spice Shop. Remember to #ShopSmall this Holiday Season and come say hi! We invite everyone to taste the difference that fresh spices, blends and seasonings, teas, sugars, extracts, and other products can make in your life.

Crock Pot Perfection: Our Recommended Spices for Chili

spices for chiliOh slow cooker, how we love thee…Can we get an “amen”?

You have to admit, there’s nothing better than coming home after a long day to an already-prepared homemade meal that your family can devour right this minute. Not only that, but its heavenly aromas are also currently permeating every crevice of your home with its home-cooked, savory goodness. Nothing quite makes you feel like more of a domestic god or goddess.

And let’s not forget about the crock pot’s currently trending and much more stylish cousin, the instant pot. Done in a flash while retaining all of the juice and flavor of a traditional slow cooker meal. These are hot right now, and for good reason.

When it comes to crock pot and instant pot meals, one of our favorites is chili. Its hearty, warm deliciousness is hard to beat, and it’s also quite simple to prepare. But we’ve got a few tips that will take your chili from standard to superior with the addition of some simple spices for chili.

Urfa Biber

Instead of traditional chili peppers, why not try something a little more spicy and non-traditional? We suggest using Urfa Biber chili flakes. The curing process of this Turkish chili leaves a high moisture content and encourages complex smoky flavors of rich chocolate, roasted coffee, and tangy raisins. Not only is Urfa Biber recommended for taking your crockpot chili to a whole new level, it’s also tasty raw, sprinkled over pungent cheeses or cooked into sauces for braised meats. These chilies even taste good on ice cream!


There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it: cumin is a must when it comes to delicious chili creation. The aromatic seeds of a plant in the parsley family, cumin is typical in many spice blends and is a staple spice in many cuisines, especially Mexican, Indian, African, and Asian. It has a very distinctive flavor with an earthy, nutty, spicy taste that has bitter undertones and a warm aroma, and it’s utterly delectable when added to chili. Luckily, we carry both ground cumin and whole seed cumin.

Chocolate or Cinnamon

Another way to give your chili a flavor boost is by adding chocolate or cinnamon. You heard us right: chocolate or cinnamon. Try picking one of these to add with your traditional spices into your next batch of chili: 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon, 1 whole cinnamon stick, or 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder. Or try adding a few squares of good-quality dark chocolate along with the tomatoes and let them melt slowly into the chili.

Harissa or Berbere

To bring a more exotic flair to the table, try harissa or berbere. Described as “Tunisia’s main condiment,” harissa is commonly used in Northern Africa to flavor stews, soups, and couscous. Most standard harissas include a blend of hot chile peppers, garlic, olive oil, cumin, coriander, caraway, and mint. Berbere is an Ethiopian spice mixture that is the flavor foundation of Ethiopian cuisine, a basic ingredient in Dabo Kolo, Doro Wat, and many other dishes. It’s a spice mixture whose constituent elements usually include chili peppers, garlic, ginger, basil, korarima, rue, ajwain or radhuni, nigella, and fenugreek.

So the next time your crock pot or instant pot chili night rolls around, go with a less traditional spin by utilizing some of our recommended spices for chili. Or swing on by the Old Town Spice Shop, a local independent Fort Collins Spice Shop, located at 130A S. College Ave. in Old Town Fort Collins. We could chat about spices all day. Let us know what spice questions you have. We’re always happy to help!

Our Top 5 Favorite Fall Baking Spices

As soon as the air gets crisp and the leaves start crunching underfoot, we’re not sure about you, but everyone here at Old Town Spice Shop can’t help but get a little bit giddy over fall baking spices. Fall is one of our favorite seasons when it comes to cooking and baking. The cooler temperature lends itself to savory slow-cooker meals and mouth-watering baked goodies.

Therefore, in the spirit of fun fall baking, we’ve decided to fill you in on our top five favorite fall baking spices. This way you’ll be stocked up on everything you need for some epic fall baking and equally as epic fall eating. I mean, you’ve got to stay warm this winter somehow, right?  Here goes….


Mmmmmm…. no other flavor quite denotes the fall season like cinnamon. Cinnamon is a spice obtained from the inner bark of several tree species from the genus Cinnamomum. It’s used mainly as an aromatic condiment and a flavoring additive in a wide array of cuisines. The aroma and flavor of cinnamon are derived from its essential oil and principal component, cinnamaldehyde. There are a number of species of cinnamon including Cassia, Chinese, Saigon, and Ceylon—true cinnamon. From cinnamon-spiced apples to apple cobbler to snickerdoodles, there are a number of tasty fall treats that will make you fall in love with cinnamon all over again.

Luckily, we’ve got all of the fresh cinnamon you could want here at your Fort Collins herbs and spices store. Check out our impressive lineup of cinnamons here.


Grab your cable-knit sweater and infinity scarves because nutmeg is the next fall baking spice on our list. Did you know that nutmeg is the seed or ground spice of several species of the genus Myristica fragrans? It’s a dark-leaved evergreen tree cultivated for two spices derived from its fruit: nutmeg, from its seed, and mace, from the seed covering. It has a distinctive pungent fragrance and a warm, slightly sweet taste. Its flavor can be found in many types of baked goods, confections, sauces, vegetables, and even eggnog. Some of our favorite nutmeg-inspired recipes include spice cake, french toast, candied pecans, and apple pie.

We appreciate anything nutmeg-derived, which is why we carry ground nutmeg, whole nutmeg and other spices in the nutmeg family. Check them out here.


According to, allspice takes its name from its aroma, which smells like a combination of spices, including cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and nutmeg. Allspice is the only spice that is grown exclusively in the Western Hemisphere. The evergreen tree that produces the allspice berries is indigenous to the rainforests of South and Central America, where it grows wild. Dried allspice berries resemble large brown peppercorns. Its flavor is pungent and aromatic, with peppery overtones. What are some of our favorite allspice-flavored fall treats? Let’s start with mulled cider, spice cake, or a number of tasty holiday cocktails. Now that’s what we’re talking about.

Try our Mexican Ground Allspice or Mexican Whole Allspice.


Want some zing in your fall baking? Then, we suggest ginger. Ginger is a flowering plant whose stem, ginger root—or simply ginger—is used a spice. Ginger is in the family Zingiberaceae, in which also belong turmeric, cardamom, and galangal. Ginger produces a hot, fragrant flavor and is used quite often in Indian and Caribbean cuisine. When it comes to fall baking spices, ginger is one of our favorite. Want to know why? Because of gingerbread of course! There’s also ginger cake, ginger cobbler, ginger spiced molasses cookies, ginger snaps, ginger cheesecake….we could go on.

You want ginger? We’ve got it here at Old Town Spice Shop.


Cloves are the aromatic flower buds of a tree in the family Myrtaceae, which are native to Indonesia. The clove tree is an evergreen that grows up to 25 to 40 feet tall, with large leaves and crimson flowers. The most noticeable component of the clove taste is imparted by the chemical eugenol, and the flavor pairs well with cinnamon, allspice, vanilla, red wine, basil, onion, citrus, star anise, and peppercorns. There are a number of tasty autumn-inspired beverages that are clove-heavy, including a number of hot toddies, mulled ciders, and chai drinks. Cloves are also quite prevalent in a number of fall baking classics already mentioned, such as gingerbread and pumpkin pie.  

And last but not least, did you know (said in your best Captain Planet voice) that when these five items are combined, they magically become Pumpkin Pie Spice, another one of our favorite fall baking spices!

There you have it, a delicious rundown of our favorite fall baking spices and dishes. Now, if you don’t mind, we have a gingerbread hankering that we need to alleviate. In the meantime, come on into Old Town Spice Shop, a local independent Fort Collins Spice Shop at 130A S. College in Old Town Fort Collins, to check out our selection of spices, blends and seasonings, salts, sugars, and so much more!